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Eurobarometer Surveys

Since 1973, the European Commission has been monitoring the evolution of public opinion in the Member States, thus helping the preparation of texts, decision-making and the evaluation of its work. Surveys and studies address major topics concerning European citizenship: tourism in one of them.


  • Preferences of Europeans towards Tourism - Flash Eurobarometer Report (February 2014)
    This Eurobarometer survey on the preferences of Europeans towards tourism provides a detailed insight of Europeans' tourism preferences in 2013 - including favourite destinations, reasons for travelling and booking methods - and anticipates travelling trends for 2014
  • Attitudes of Europeans Towards Tourism - Flash Eurobarometer Report (March 2013)
    This Flash Eurobarometer survey also explores the holiday plans of europea citizens, their favorite destinations, motivations for going on holiday, how holidays were arranged, holiday satisfaction and the plans for the future.
  • Attitudes of Europeans Towards Tourism - Flash Eurobarometer Report (March 2012)
    The objectives of this survey were to study respondents’ motivation for going on holiday in 2011, the way respondents prepare and organise their holiday, attitudes towards tourism, respondents’ travel profiles in 2011.

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