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Tarakli district (Turkey)

people trekking on Karagöl PlateauWelcome to Taraklı


Taraklı is a precious district with a long history and unique nature in the South of the Marmara Region, in the Sakarya province, Turkey.  It was the first city of the Ottomans in Anatolia back to 1289.

Over the years, Taraklı has managed to preservee its natural beauty and its cultural values and traditions. Its narrow cobblestone streets hide a unique architectural heritage from the Ottoman period. More than 100 registered houses and mansions or the 493-year-old Yunus Pasha Mosque, built by Mimar Sinan, are examples of fascinating attractions.

Around Tarakli, the nature offers wonderful sceneries and deep forests. The Karagöl Plateau with its canals is the starting point of a famous trekking path.

Taraklı is a member of the network with CittaSlow International, a network of municipalities, promoting sustainable development.


Taraklı has become the most frequently visited and easily accessible town in the province.

All important spots at the destination are barrier-free and infrastructure can be used by all residents and visitors without problems. High quality accommodation services are provided in boutique hotels which reflect the unique architecture of the area.

Regular festivals and meetings are organized in Taraklı and local entrepreneurs, residents, young people, women and disabled people are encouraged to participate in various activities.

Sightseeing tips

  • Enjoy traditional way of life in the centre in a peaceful environment;
  • Visit thermal springs close to the village of Haciyakup, Taraklı;
  • Discover sports activities in a wonderful natural environment : paragliding, canyon trekking, and camping.
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