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TaraklıPeople trekking on Karagöl Plateau

Taraklı is a precious district in terms of natural beauty and tourism in the South of the Marmara Region, with a long history and unique nature. It was the first city of the Ottomans in Anatolia back to 1289.

Taraklı preserved its natural beauty its cultural values and traditions. Around Taraklı, the nature presents wonderful sceneries, widely covered by forests.

All important spots at the destination are barrier-free and infrastructure can be used by all residents and visitors. Regular festivals and meetings are organized in Taraklı and local entrepreneurs, residents, young people, women; disabled people are encouraged to participate to activities.
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Hamamönü-Altındağ Ankara

Hamamönü-Altındağ Ankara

Each year Turkey offers up its rich heritage, diverse culture and mysterious legends to visitors from all over the world. An unforgettable adventure awaits anyone who visits Turkey, and the capital, Ankara, is a popular choice for many holidaymakers. What you may not know is that Ankara also holds some of the country’s best kept secrets; spectacular locations that are yet to be discovered. One of them is the Hamamonu district in Altındağ (meaning ‘old Ankara’) in the middle of the city. Following a recent and remarkable res toration process, Hamamonu has reemerged as an attractive place to live in and visit. The district of Hamamonu is now a unique place that reflects both the traditional styles of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic. Located in the oldest part of the city, Hamamonu offers various leisure and shopping opportunities as well as cultural activities.

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Bitlis – Nemrut Crater Lake

Bitlis – Nemrut Crater Lake

Nemrut Crater lake is the largest crater lake in Europe and the second largest in the world. It is located inside the crater area of Mount Nemrut, one of the youngest volcanoes in Eastern Anatolia. main attractions in this area are the hot and cold water crater lakes on top of the mountain. The still waters of the Nemrut crater lake are ideal for swimming and boating. There are thermal baths located in small ponds close to the lake, which attract visitors who regularly come to receive treatment.,

Kars - Kuyucuk Lake Wild Life Reserve

Kars - Kuyucuk Lake Wild Life Reserve

Kars is located in the north-east of Turkey. In 2009, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in protected areas. The feeling one gets when visiting the Kars region is truly everlasting. One of the unforgettable wonders there is Lake Kuyucuk: for stargazers it is said to be one of the best spots in all of Turkey due to there being minimal light pollution. Another delight in the region is the incredible panoramic view from the mysterious Seytan Kale. For all history lovers, Kars is also filled with many archeological sites.


Pehlivan wrestlers and referees © Edirne

Edirne is located in the north-west of Turkey. In 2008, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in Intangible Heritage. The cultural heritage of Edirne has it all, from extraordinary mosques and other religious centres to ancient bridges, bazaars, caravanserais, magnificent palaces, pre-historic monuments and old bridges that cross its three rivers; Meriç, Arda and Tunca.

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