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Hamamönü-Altındağ Ankara (Turkey)

Welcome to Hamamönü-Altındağ Ankara

Hamamönü-Altındağ Ankara Each year Turkey offers up its rich heritage, diverse culture and mysterious legends to visitors from all over the world. An unforgettable adventure awaits anyone who visits Turkey, and the capital, Ankara, is a popular choice for many holidaymakers. What you may not know is that Ankara also holds some of the country’s best kept secrets; spectacular locations that are yet to be discovered. One of them is the Hamamonu district in Altındağ (meaning ‘old Ankara’) in the middle of the city. Following a recent and remarkable res toration process, Hamamonu has reemerged as an attractive place to live in and visit. The district of Hamamonu is now a unique place that reflects both the traditional styles of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic. Located in the oldest part of the city, Hamamonu offers various leisure and shopping opportunities as well as cultural activities.

Regeneration and revival

The regeneration of Hamamonu district became a priority for Ankara Cultural Tourism because of its historical interest and central location. Altındağ Municipality worked hard to restore the original charm of the district, attract inhabitants back and make it an interesting destination for tourists. Many buildings were reconstructed or completely rebuilt and several streets were pedestrianised. Since 2006, Hamamonu has seen restoration and expansion projects in 250 locations, including masjuds and mosques from the Seljuk era. An area of around 210 hectares was reconstructed and 33 sites were registered with the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board. Today, Hamamonu is a popular place for locals and tourists alike, its treasures and history unveiled for a new generation to enjoy.

Sightseeing tips

  • there are plenty of museums to visit, check out the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, winner of the 1997 ‘European Museum of the Year’ award and the Ulucanlar Prison Museum
  • visit Mehmet Akif Cultural Park and Mehmet Akif Literature Museum where you can learn more about the poet and the author of the Turkish National Anthem
  • don’t forget to visit the Haci Musa (Seyfeddin) Mosque, founded in 1421, famous for its wooden framework and gates
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