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Trasmiera Ecopark (Spain)

Welcome to Trasmiera Ecopark

Trasmiera Ecopark Trasmiera Ecopark is a cultural and environmental project by Arnuero county. Arnuero is one of municipalities in the beautiful Cantabria region. The region is best known for its stunning beaches and warm climate. However, the local authorities in Arnuero wanted to broaden its appeal as a holiday destination, whilst conserving the remarkable natural environment of the County. With this in mind, they decided to launch the Ecopark, a cultural and historical hub, often referred to as ‘an open-air museum’. The park, overlooked by lush forests and hills, is a wonderful showcase of what Arnuero has to offer; great natural environment, cultural heritage and history.

Regeneration and revival

The Trasmiera Ecopark initiative began in 1998. The project enlisted the support of several professionals: architects, historians, environmentalists and engineers. The overarching aim here was to maintain the historical identity of the region and restore its cultural heritage. Several landmarks were regenerated and given a new purpose. For example, the Santolaja old tide mill was turned into an ‘Observatorio de las mareas’ or ‘Observatory of tides’ – an information center, educating visitors on coastal tides and its role in shaping the region. An old school was turned into an Observatorio del Arte (Art Observatory), which serves as an exhibition centre for local and international artist. World-famous artists, such as Cristobal Toral, Javier Perez, Jose Luis Sanchez, Gloria Torner and Roberto Orallo have had exhibitions here.

Sightseeing tips

  • visit the Iglesia de la Asuncion, previously a church, this impressive venue has now been converted into exhibition center for local artists
  • visit the incredible Santa Olaja tide mill, which still uses the force of the tides to grind wheat
  • visit the Cabrahigo Tower – a 15th century tower which represents an impressive example of gothic architecture
  • visit the stunning beaches and soak up the sunshine
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