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The Ebro Delta (Spain)

The breath-taking landscapes and calmness of the Park make it an ideal destination where one can step out of the hustle and bustle of city life into the tranquility of nature.

If you are into bird-watching or wildlife, the region boasts a number of lagoons with majestic viewpoints and walking trails. The Punta de la Banya (The Gem of the Park) is the Delta's largest natural area and one of the Mediterranean's most important waterfowl breeding areas.

And that's not all, the Park boasts a number of bike trails leading to some of the most amazing lookout points that the Ebro offers.

What makes the Ebro Delta special?

Fishing in the Ebro Delta The natural diversity in the area is unparalleled. Surrounded by the park's lagoons is La Punta del Fangar, a desert-like area with vast sand landscapes and dune formations. It is one of the most exotic places in all of Spain. Vantage points in this natural oddity give way to sweeping views of the Bay of Fangar, where one can sometimes see mirage

An unmatched experience when visiting the Ebro Delta is the feeling that you are one of the few lucky outsiders to actually take in this spectacular experience. Only the local residents from Cataluña have fullydiscovered the hidden pleasures in the Ebro Delta.

The Ebro Delta houses some of Spain's most time-honoured human use of land, including fishery, livestock farming and rice growing. For centuries man has worked the land while also caring for the region.

As in the case of most places of splendour, beauty draws crowds. In 2006, the Ebro Delta adopted the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, thus protecting the park's natural heritage. Public and private investments are made to ensure that the area monitors the adverse impact of tourism on the landscapes. A commitment has also been made to protect the park from excessive tourism development.

The main objective is to keep the Ebro Delta as pure as possible.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: Flooded rice paddies turn the delta into a dream world
  • Summer: Rice grains take on warm, golden hues as they await the harvest
  • Fall: Flocks of migratory, aquatic birds descend on the delta
  • Winter: Undulating sand dunes are the perfect backdrop for stunning sunsets

Highlights of the Ebro Delta Nature Park

  • Listening to the wind whistle through the rice paddies
  • Tasting freshly caught bass and carp
  • Sightings of rare and unusual birds depending on the season
  • Sinking your feet in the warm, fine sand of La Punta del Fangar
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