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A Guarda (Spain)

A Guarda

A Guarda Atlantic OceanA Guarda enjoys a warm microclimate in summer and a mild climate in winter thanks to the rain, which softens the temperature. From the summit of Mountain Santa Trega it is possible to view the estuary and mouth of river Miño that flows into the Atlantic Ocean, the bordering lands of Portugal on the other side of the river, and even the beautiful valley formed by two mountain ranges: Argallos and Groba.

Looking out over the Atlantic and flanked by the Miño river and the mountain of Santa Trega, you will find A Guarda, one of the most traditional fishing heritage villages in Galicia, Spain. Situated close to the border with Portugal, A Guarda is known as the "Capital of lobster" because of its quality seafood and beautiful coastal beaches, estuary and landscapes.

The uniqueness of A Guarda:

View over A Guarda

The Miño estuary is a wide humid area of 1,668 Ha. of high ecological value. It is known as the “Galician Doñana” by biologists and ornithilologist alike, due to the variety and quantity of birds lodging during the winter season. The estuary is under the protection of several agreements and treaties so you will witness nature at its finest.

In addition to its beaches, climate, great food and local history, trekking lovers will relish the walking opportunities along the coast and the Miño riverside thanks to recently established routes and paths in 2010.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the Castro de Santa Trega, which is the most important sample of ancient settlement in all the Northwestern Iberian peninsula
  • Visit the historic center where you can meet XVI century buildings like the Tower of the Reló or the Church of Santa Maria
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