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The Soča Valley (Slovenia)

Mountaineering - Soca Valley destination © Eric Cunder

The Soča valley is located in the easternmost part of the Julian Alps in north-west Slovenia. It brings together three municipalities: Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin, covering an area of 942 km2.

The colourful valley is rich with waterfalls, pools, canyons, and flora and fauna. The legends in the air give it a fairy-tale atmosphere.

National parks, rivers and leisure

The land has a rich history. An integral part of the Soča valley is Triglav national park, the only national park in Slovenia and one of the oldest in Europe. The park was named Triglav after Slovenia’s highest peak, which is situated almost at the heart of the park.

The Soča valley is a popular hub for natural scientists and botanists as well as home to the Juliana alpine botanical garden – the first alpine botanical garden in Slovenia. This area is home to the legendary Goldhorn, a supernatural white chamois with golden horns, which has the power to restore its strength in nature. The Soča valley also prides itself on its genuine and diverse unspoiled landscape, bicycle trails and pathways throughout the year, and skiing facilities on the snow-covered Kanin slopes from where one can admire the sea.

Snow-covered peaks and the flourishing valley form landscape. The destination’s vital link and popular spot is the blue-green Soča river with picturesque gorges and wonderful streams, nearby waterfalls and verdant meadows. Paths lead to natural sites such as the great gorge of the Soča river by the Soča path, Tolminka gorge and the Kozjak waterfall. Visitors can have active holidays and relaxation at the same time. The Soča valley offers water sports on the Soča river, hiking, cycling, skydiving, gliding, mountain biking, Alpine, Nordic and freestyle skiing and ski touring, fishing, climbing, mountaineering, potholing, golf, etc. Possibilities for adventure, peace and relaxation are unlimited. Guides are also on hand to help visitors experience and understand the nature, history and people.

Local culinary specialities are provided for in the Soča valley: compe and cottage cheese, frika, poštóklja and prepared Soča trout. Sweet dishes such as bulja, bovški krafi or kobariški štruklji are sure to enthral. Craftsmen sell characteristic local products made from wool, wax and Soča river pebbles.

The Soča river stories

Rafting © Soca Valley destination

The Soča river stories event is a two-day event at the end of April or beginning of May. The Soča river stories tell of World War I and its consequences on the valley, its population and everyone who went through rough times during the war. The event aims to turn this memory into a favourable event. It promotes cultural, ethnological and natural heritage, as well as peace.

The event which takes place at the Kluže fortress is based on a presentation of the life of soldiers of different nationalities and the local population during World War I. It helps visitors learn about and understand the history of the Soča Front (chronological, geographical and contextual definition, background, presentation of the different nations at war), and the everyday life of soldiers and locals.

On the first evening, memories of soldiers fighting on the Soča Front are read and on the second day visitors with guides wearing WWI uniforms take part in the Walks of Peace. Choir singing and the Dreizehn-dreizehn (1313) society provide entertainment at the event.

A number of museums and private museum collections also compile and present WWI artifacts on The Soča Front.

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