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Solčavsko (Slovenia)

With many of the peaks more than 2,000 metres in height, you can hike high or low at any time of the year either in Alpine meadows, misty beech forests or banks of wild strawberries. There are hundreds of walking trails here and apart from a scattering of farmhouses it is easy to find solitude.

In Logarska dolina, visitors can see more than forty natural attractions, which include waterfalls, springs, rock pillars, glacial boulders and ancient trees. In fact all of the valleys offer adventure sports in summer and winter. For instance you are in striking distance of the ski slopes at Krajiska Plenina, while the high mountains are geared for snowshoeing, ski touring and ice climbing, biking and hiking are also popular.

What makes Solčavsko special?

Cross-country skiing     It is a region of waterfalls – there over 20, of which Rinka, is the most spectacular. The 80-meter arch of water drops in a sinuous, willowy curve, like a sleek pony tail. It is one of the highest free-falling waterfalls in Slovenia and is a protected natural monument

The great thing is that at Logarska dolina, you cannot drive further than half a mile into the valley -- nor cycle -- you have to walk. Seven kilometers in you find the beautiful Rinka waterfall, surrounded by wide meadows with trees climbing up the mountain slopes.

For an authentic Slovene experience, you can stay with a family and get your breakfast and dinner home-made every day. It is a great place for delicious mountain fare. For instance at the Tourist Farm GovcVrsnik – the locals flock here for lunch and the views are stunning.

This is a pristine Alpine environment, the local government and tourist authorities are keen on keeping it that way. But it is not just about the environment, the Slovene culture here is just as important – it is one of foresters, charcoal burners and farmers. All of them have coexisted with nature over the centuries.

The farms here have traditions that go back through the ages that are still being preserved. Local guides double up as lumberjacks and people can trace their history in the region back 1,000 years.

And in Logarska dolina there is a nature-ethnographic trail that takes you through the beautiful spots of the park. The trail was designed to bring people closer to nature.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: larch turns green, wild flowers appear, beach leaves open
  • Summer: the valley floor blossoms with wild flowers
  • Autumn: the larches turn fiery yellow in this season
  • Winter: sparkling snowy fields, great for cross-country skiing

Highlights of Slocavsko:

  • A night at a local, family-run rustic hotel
  • Waking up at a mountain lodge looking out over the Savinja Alps
  • Hearty and delicious Slovene food
  • Exploring the area with a local forester
  • A ride on a hay wagon or traditional carriage
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