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River Kolpa (Slovenia)

River Kolpa

The River KolpaThe River Kolpa is located in the far south-eastern part of Slovenia. This green beauty is comprised of a 113km-long strip of land which borders the Republic of Croatia. The river is considered the longest Slovenian "coastline" and one of the warmest and intact rivers in Slovenia. Passing along several waterfalls from Osilnica, Kostel, Kočevje, Črnomelj, Semič and Metlika, it is a magnificent location for a grand variety of activities and an unforgettable holiday. The river is particularly popular in the summer months, as the water's temperature rises up to 30°C.

The uniqueness of River Kolpa:

Nature near the river Kolpa  

One of the special features of the area is its unique geographic location. This piece of land along the southernmost Slovenian river has formed a special cultural identity, which has been influenced by numerous ethnic groups which resided in the area. History, culture and exceptional concentration of natural values contribute to the harmony of this region.

The scenery would not be complete without mentioning the picturesque villages, old town centers, castles, mills and sawmills which add a touch of the local life to the overall impression of the region. Local traditions are still very strong in the area and are an important part of its entourage.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

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  • Take part in the celebration of St. George in Bela Krajina
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