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JurilovcaSunset on the sea

Come to Jurilovca, a destination for everybody, where the hospitality of people blends with the serenity of the blue waters of the Danube and the Black Sea.

Jurilovca awaits its guests in Tulcea County/Dobrogea historical region, in the middle of a fairy tale landscape neighboring the Black Sea and the Danube Delta, the youngest land of Europe, the creed of a unique biodiversity, declared a biosphere reserve and listed on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage and the Ramsar Convention sites regarding the wetlands of international importance.
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Apuseni Natural Park

Waterfall © Apuseni Natural Park

The Apuseni Natural Park is located in western Romania. In 2009, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in protected areas. Tucked away in western Romania in the Apuseni Mountains lies the amazing Apuseni Natural Park. With over 1500 caves located in the park, Apuseni is an explorer's paradise. Another unique phenomenon in the park's landscape is the ravine Groapa Ruginoasa with the colossal di-ameter of about 450 meters. The region combines a magnitude of unmatched natural landscapes with well-diversified ecosystems and is a must while visiting the country.

Geoagiu Băi

Geoagiu Băi 

Hidden in the heart of the historical region of Transylvania, you will find the watering and climatic resort of Geoagiu Băi. The rich hydrographic network featuring the Homorod, Geoagiu and Mureş rivers, together with the picturesque mountains create a unique natural landscape. The Natau Lake is considered a paradise by passionate fishermen. Here you can take part in activities like intense water rafting on the Mures River or go on an exploration mission in caves in the nearby mountains.

Horezu Depression

Ceramics © Horezu Depression

The Horezu Depression is located in southern Romania. In 2008, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in Intangible Cultural Heritage. At the bottom of the Capatânii Mountains, a group of five destinations presents its ethno-cultural, linguistic and environmental diversity: awe-inspiring gorges within picturesque forested areas, orchards, bat caves, the Horezu enamelled pottery, as well as traditional cuisine and souvenirs influenced by local shepherd culture.

Buzău Land


Prepartion of mealsBuzău Land lies in the South-East part of Romania, in Buzau County, at the crossroads of the three Romanian historical provinces, Moldavia, Transylvania and Wallachia. The diverse forms of relief are displayed in steps – mountains, hills, depressions – creating an outstanding landscape, enriched by its people, who are happy to welcome guests and to share with them the treasures of a genuine rural life, kept carefully along the centuries.

Buzau Land proposes a wide range of tourism services, from participation to rural life, like  picking forest fruit, mushrooms, herbs or aromatic plants, gathering grapes, preparing and wine and plum brandy, to relaxing anti stress therapy in hay or rejuvenating whey therapy.

Alba Iulia

Lying in the heart of Transylvania, guarded to the East by the clear waters of the Mures river, and to the West by high hills, surrounded by the fast-flowing waters of the Ampoi river to the North and the fertile fields to the South, Alba Iulia is always ready to welcome its guests and share with them the millenniums and thousands of legends. The beauty of the place combined with the people’s kindness and hospitality along with the cultural heritage, transform this city into a legendary place. In its heart lies the largest Vauban Citadel in Romania and the second largest well preserved in Europe, the place where on December 1st 1918 Transylvania announced its unification with Romania and where in 1922 Prince Ferdinand was crowned King of Romania, the place where the future has a history and the history has a future…

Alba Iulia


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