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Buzau Land (Romania)

Buzău Land

traditional dressesBuzău Land lies in the South-East part of Romania, in Buzau County, at the crossroads of the three Romanian historical provinces, Moldavia, Transylvania and Wallachia.

The diverse forms of relief are displayed in steps – mountains, hills, depressions – creating an outstanding landscape, enriched by its people, who are happy to welcome guests and to share with them the treasures of a genuine rural life, kept carefully along the centuries.

Four communes in this area: Berca, Chiojdu, Gura Teghii and Mânzăleşti – have been selected as part of “The most beautiful villages in Romania”. 

A wide range of activities

The boarding houses in the area organize trips in the surrounding area, where tourists can angle, pick forest fruit, mushrooms, herbs, aromatic plants or ingredients for preparation of different foods. “The Truffle Hunt” and cooking workshops with local products and truffles is another experience one can enjoy in Buzău Land. Also, at the end of the autumn, at harvest time, tourists can take part to grapes gathering and wine and plum brandy preparation after a traditional recipe.

In the village of Varlaam, whey therapy, a programme for body rejuvenation unique in Romania, promotes local products such as whey and the benefits of natural herbs in the area of Penteleu Mountains. It proposes an anti stress therapy in hay filled rooms.

The gastronomy of the place is rich, bearing the scents of the place. In a patriarchal atmosphere, visitors can taste traditional products like: cheese, green cheese and “bulz” from Varlaam (a special dish made of cheese and pollenta), milky soup with greens, home made butter, sour milk in earth jug, smoked trout in fir tree bark, Gura Teghii brandy, sweet and perfumed wine – “Tamâioasa” prepared at Pietroasele, Buzău onion, Pleşcoi sausages, Buzău autumn cabbage, Buzău pretzels.

For ethno and folklore admirers, local craftsmen can perform demonstrations of egg painting, old traditional shoes (opinci) making and traditional folk clothing sowing. In Colţi area (Piatra Corbului) tourists can see the place where amber stones used to be extracted and also can watch amber processing at a local manufacturer.

Besides the rural tourism attractions there are other exciting things to see in Buzău Land: the Amber Museum, muddy volcanoes, cave settlements, wooden churches, monasteries, mineral water resources, protected areas. Activities like mountain biking, bouldering, horse riding, hiking, bathing or rafting, also enrich the offer of the destination.

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