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Żyrardów (Poland)

Welcome to Żyrardów

Żyrardów Situated in the heart of Poland in the Mazovia Voivodeship region is Żyrardow. Just 45 km away from Warsaw, Żyrardow is most famous for its linen factory, established in 1829 by the Łubieńscy brothers. It soon became the largest linen factory in Europe. The historical centre of the city was occupied by the factory settlement. It included homes for the workers, churches, schools, canteens and other local amenities. Today, it is the one of a few urban centres in Europe that has been completely preserved and a unique example of the so-called model town or garden city. The downtown centre of Żyrardow is a stunning architectural testament, characterised by red-brick buildings and well planned street, with green fields that separate residential areas from the industrial zone. As well as offering an insight into life at the factory and its history, Żyrardow offers numerous possibilities for active holidaymakers. Excellent cycling paths (especially near the Bolimowski Natural Landscape Park), and canoeing trips along the Rawki River ensure a great holiday for everyone.

Regeneration and revival

The regeneration project began in 2004, when the city council decided to renovate the central part of the city, which was the former factory settlement. Regeneration was mainly focused on rebuilding and renovating an area of estate housing, bringing back to life the industrial buildings and reviving production and trade activities. Today, almost all of the factory’s buildings have been restored. The old buildings now have new functions – the Old Linen Spinning Plant and the New Linen Spinning Plant built in 1913 are now flats, restaurants and shops.

Sightseeing tips

  • take a walking tour around the city centre. Don’t miss the old market square, the workers’ houses from 19th century, the nursery school dating back to 1875 and the Church of Virgin Mary of Consolation – one of the biggest temples in Mazovia
  • visit the Karol Dittrich Junior Villa one of the most impressive buildings in Żyrardow, surrounded by a charming park. It is now the Western Mazovia Museum
  • visit the Linen Manufacturing Plant where you can watch original old spinning machines and buy beautiful linen tablecloths
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