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The Bird Republic in the Warta Mouth (Poland)

Bird-watching is the main attraction in the park. Each year, the park designates its bird of the year, which is chosen among the many rare and endangered species of birds living in the protected zone. Past birds chosen in the last few years include the Barn Owl (2008) and the Lapwing (2009). For tourists, there is a designated "Bird Route" trail (Betonka) that leads through some of the most interesting breeding and resting  zones of waterfowl and wading birds in the park.

Besides being a refuge for birds, the park also draws visitors looking for adventure. There are a number of biking walking and canoeing trails. One of such trails in the northern part of the park is a 32-km bike route that meanders through some of the park's most lush and spectacular landscaped areas.

What makes the Republic of Birds special?

Birds at the sunset   While the region is best known for bird-watching, the park is also a dedicated member of the Nature 2000 Network. The Landscape Park is a significant protected area that lies on the lower section of the Warta River Valley and the middle section of the Oder River. Vast amounts of flora grow near the wetlands, making it a worthwhile site to see in the spring and summer

The Warta River Mouth area is also a region of great cultural and historical significance. Many kingdoms once battled over these lands including, the Knights of Saint John and King Frederic the Great of Prussia. Ultimately, Frederic the Great was imprisoned in the Kostrzyn Fortress in the 18th century.

The park has undergone a facelift in the past years in order to make it more tourist friendly. Large, eco-friendly viewing towers and observation areas were constructed to allow visitors to get "up close" to the action. Planners and builders took proper precautions to not disrupt wildlife, while making the entire experience for everyone more enjoyable.

Since the park is easily accessible by train and only 70 kilometers from Berlin, measures have been taken to maintain its popularity, but also keep it as a place to relax in peace and tranquility.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: Birds showing their colourful plumage while mating
  • Summer: Fantastic flora filling the grass fields
  • Fall: European Bird Days excursions
  • Winter: Migrating and wintering birds taking shelter

Highlights of the Republic of Birds

  • Vote in the "Miss Cow" and “Bird of the Year” elections
  • Celebrate King Frederic the Great
  • Relax to the gentle flow of running river water
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