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WaterReijk Weerribben Wieden – Giethoorn & the wetlands (The Netherlands)

WaterReijk Weerribben Wieden – Giethoorn & the wetlands

WaterReijk Weerribben Wieden – Giethoorn & the wetlandsWaterReijk Weerribben Wieden which is situated in the north-eastern part of The Netherlands, in the province of Overijssel. It has the most extensive area of wetland in Northern Europe and a rich rural history which is rooted in peat extraction and reed farming. In the WaterReijk Weerribben Wieden, scenic landscapes with stretches of water, reeds and woods are interlaced with historic towns and villages.

The area WaterReijk Weerribben Wieden is big enough to escape daily lives and worries whilst being small enough to feel at home immediately. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the landscape and the rich culture and take part in more active leisure activities.

The uniqueness of WaterReijk Weerribben Wieden – Giethoorn & the wetlands:

Boating in the wetlands

It is the natural beauty of the area that contributes to the very special character of the district. Similarly, all the activities offered in the area have a personalised touch, to create a deeper connection between each visitor and nature. Furthermore, since innovation and sustainability are the key drivers of tourism development in the area, all the activities embrace nature and progress and aim at finding a balance between the two.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit entrepreneurs who are growing reed
  • Visit Giethoorn, often referred to as ‘Green Venice’ thanks to its canals, high bridges and thatched farmhouses
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