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Isla (Senglea) (Malta)

Isla (Senglea)

Isla (Senglea)Isla (or Senglea) is the smallest of the Three Cities in the Cottonera, located in the south-east of Malta. This locality is one of the hidden jewels of the Maltese Islands, while also being one of the oldest cities, founded around the 16th century. It is indeed a gem enclosed by spectacular bastions, with commanding views still guarding the Grand Harbour as it did centuries ago.

It is a rather new peninsula, situated between Galley Port (or Dockyard Creek) on the Cospicua side and the French Creek. The city received its name Isla (meaning island) due to its unique geographic position, whereby it is nearly cut off from the mainland by two mountains the Mill Hill and the St. Julian’s Hill.

The uniqueness of Isla (Senglea):

Senglea Promenade

The city’s attractiveness is in its mild climate all year-round, friendly sea, a unique historical location and architectural monuments. Also, its historical heritage dates back to the times of the Knights of St. John, which makes it one of the most heavily fortified areas on the island. Strong religious influence is also felt around the city and finds its expression through numerous churches. One of the most famous churches is the Basilica of Our Lady of Victories, built to commemorate the great siege victory in 1581.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Victories
  • Visit Gardjola Gardens
  • Stroll alongside the Senglea Promenade
  • The Macina (Sheer Bastion)
  • Visit the Church of St. Philip (Porto Salvo)
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