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The Nature Park of the Upper Sûre (Luxembourg)

The Nature Park of the Upper Sûre

Waterfall in the Nature Park of the Upper SûreThe Nature Park of the Upper Sûre is located in the North-Western part of Luxembourg close to the Belgian border. The countryside is marked by narrow, deep meadowed valleys and steep forested slopes, as well as a mosaic of fields on the high plateau of the Ardennes. At the heart of the park is the Upper Sûre Lake, the largest area of water in Luxembourg which provides 70% of the population with drinking water. The surrounding countryside consists of wooded hills, streams and small villages. Water activities are allowed on most of the lake, and the rivers are popular among canoeists. There are several cycle routes, long and short distance walk paths around the villages

The uniqueness of The Nature Park of the Upper Sûre:

View over the The Nature Park of the Upper Sûre

Consisting of plateaux’s, narrow valleys with wooded slopes, the lake of the Upper-Sûre dam, built in the late 1950’s to meet the country’s drinking water requirements, has since become one of the most coveted places to take a rest or a holiday, especially during the summer months.

A great way to discover the area is to make a boat-trip on the dammed lake Upper Sûre with a solar powered boat. While silently gliding over the water one not only gets an impression of the region's diverse flora and fauna, but also listens to its authentic sounds, such as the croaking of different frog species. Other examples of its staggering wildlife include the European otter, the black stork and the rare hazel grouse.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Go ailing on the Upper Sûre Lake
  • Make use of the solar powered boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake
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