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Recreation area and nature reserve "Haff Réimech" (Luxembourg)

A major attraction is the 42-kilometer long "Wine Road" that starts on the Luxembourg Moselle river. The route winds its way through gorgeous lands dotted by many exquisite wineries. Stopping to taste some of the wines is a must.

Nature walks through the commune's green forests are highly appreciated by tourists. The Half Reimech trail takes visitors through many of the zone's exclusive lands and scenic observation points. One of the stops on the Half Reimech is dedicated solely to bird-watching and has an observation post that allows enthusiasts to view birds in their natural habitat.

Bathing lakes and water sports are also enjoyed by visitors. There's an artificial beach that allows swimming and canoeing, as well as beach volleyball.

What makes the Commune of Schengen Special?

Path to the sea     The "Three Border Region" comprised of the Commune of Schengen, French towns Sierck les Bains and Apach, along with German neighbor Perl (Saarland) is a district rich in cultural tradition. Cultural diversity is strongly promoted and is aimed at raising awareness in respecting each country's traditions

The immense respect the region has for nature and wildlife is truly amazing. The Three Borders Nature Park plans to build a crossing that runs through the "Pferdemosel", which is the area between the Saarland villages of Besch and Nennig (Perl). It will run adjacent to the man-made lakes, which are an important habitat for the park's birds. This crossing will allow visitors to cross the Moselle river without using cars.

The Commune of Schengen continues to explore ideas and make improvements in the region. A private investor recently stated his intention to redevelop the 18th century Schengen Castle (Chateau de Schengen) into a hotel. The park has already announced plans to build a water-ski track in the more remote part of the bathing lake area. Such initiatives are prime examples of Schengen's commitment to sustainability.

The expansion of the region's facilities has not been a detriment to the environment. Much of the area lies in a "protected" zone and procedures have been taken to ensure eco-friendly development.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: The "Wine Road" filled with wine devotees
  • Summer: Lakeside beach volleyball games
  • Fall: Fishermen testing their luck in lake waters
  • Winter: Eager foodies enjoying the local cuisine

Highlights of the Commune of Schengen:

  • Visit three countries in one day
  • Spend a quiet afternoon on the Half Reimech trail
  • Catch some rays at the beach
  • Enjoy a lively wine festival
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