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Zarasai Region - Heavenly shore on Earth (Lithuania)

Zarasai Region - Heavenly shore on Earth

Boating on the riverThe Zarasai district is located in the north east of Lithuania borders with the Republic of Latvia and Belarus. It is famous for its beautiful lakes and forests, impressive diversity, uniqueness and flamboyance of its nature. Twisting and bending rivers, scattered blue lake patches, little green hills, peaceful woods, and scarcely populated areas are the miracles the region is spoilt with. The terrain of the region formed 16 thousand years ago, during the last glacial period. As the glacier was melting, the hills of the Aukštaičiai Upland, valleys and lakes were formed.

The uniqueness of Zarasai Region - Heavenly shore on Earth:

Zarasas Lake

In this vast region, water activities reign supreme. Boating is a great way to explore the memorable landscape made of vast lakes and graceful streams. Tours of different durations and complexities are offered, but the most unique experience is designing your own trip from the 6000km water network.

Zarasai is not only special because of its marvelous nature it was also voted the cultural capital of Lithuania in 2008. Starting in early spring and going until late autumn, many interesting festivals take place. These events promote local talents, help preserve the ancestral traditions and bring together people from all over the country.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the Great Island of Zarasas Lake, one of the biggest Lithuanian Island. Legend says that on a cape on the island, near a pine there used to be a pit with treasures and cursed money
  • Visit the “Sea Museum” in Salakas town
  • Take a walk in the Devil’s Stone in the forest of Plains, Stelmužė Village. Almost entirely crept into the ground, hunters used to gather occasionally and discuss their daily affairs
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