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Telšiai (Lithuania)

Museum in TelsiaiWelcome to Telšiai

Telšiai, the town of seven hills, is one of the seven preserved historical towns in Lithuania.

Located in the north west of Lithuania in the Central Samogitian Highlands the district attracts visitors for its nature and for the historical, architectural and cultural monuments. There are numerous mounds, old cemeteries, mythological and sacral stones and natural sites.

Legend says that Telšiai was founded by a valiant guy Džiugas also called Telšys. It was called after the small rivulet Telšė, flowing into the lake Mastis. First mentions can be traced back to the 1450.


Small old buildings, narrow streets, churches, parks and unique architectonic style make Telšiai an attractive destination for tourists. Most of the sites, museums, pedestrian and biking paths are easily accessible even for people with physical limitations, disabled or elderly. It is comfortable for families with small children to move around.

Hotels offer accommodation for people with limited mobility and special excursions in sign language are provided for the deaf-mute people.

Sightseeing tips

  • Follow the pedestrian and biking path along the lake Mastis;
  • Discover the town model for visually impaired people;
  • Put your hand in the print of the "Bear's foot" to get the strength of a bear.
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