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Museum in Telsiai

Telšiai, the town of seven hills is one of 7 preserved old towns in Lithuania. The district attracts both for its nature and for the historic, architectural and cultural monuments. There are a lot of mounds, old cemeteries, mythological and sacral stones and natural sites.

Small old buildings, narrow streets, churches, parks, unique small architecture and art pieces in open spaces, museums, pedestrian and bicycle paths all together creates an attractive destination for tourists despite physical limitations, disability or age.
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Rokiškis Manor

Rokiškis Manor

The small town of Rokiškis is 160 km to the north of Vilnius. Here you will find the Rokiškis Manor – a splendid park and former residence of Count Ignotas Tyzenhauzas. It was built in 1801 and served as the permanent family residence of the Count for many generations. The manor, with its park, greenhouses, ponds and zoological garden was very popular in the region. The diverse cultural programme and rich music tradition attracted both locals and people from neighbouring towns. After several decades of neglect, Rokiškis Manor is regaining its popularity, and today its doors are open to visitors from all over the world. One of the local highlights, the Rokiškis Regional Museum, has held over 77,000 exhibits, including fine art pieces, paintings, sculptures, ancient books, documents, coins and archeological findings.

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Zarasai Region

Zarasai Region

Famous for its beautiful lakes and forests, the Zarasai region in Lithuania impresses its visitors with the diversity, uniqueness and flamboyance of its nature. Twisting and bending rivers, scattered blue lake patches, peaceful woods and scarcely populated areas are the main attractions of the region. The two regional parks in the region, Gražutė and Sartai, encompass more than 100 lakes in their territories. Boat tours of different durations and complexities are offered, but the most unique experience is designing your own trip from the 6000km water network.

Nemunas River Delta Regional Park

Dears © Nemunas River Delta Regional Park

Nemunas River Delta Regional Park is located in the south-west of Lithuania. In 2009, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in protected areas. Lithuania's natural wonder: The Nemunas River Delta Regional Park was formed when massive glaciers melted to conclude the Ice Age. What the glaciers carved out and left behind were a series of flooded meadows, rivers, lakes, bogs and the Curonian Lagoon. Among the sights not to be missed are the flooding wetlands from melting snow, the canoes cutting through blue waters, visitors flocking to see the Bird Watching Rally and the Curonian Lagoon filled with fortuitous ice-fishers.


Sleigh with masked people © Plateliai

Plateliai is located in the north-west of Lithuania. In 2008, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in Intangible Heritage. The borough of Plateliai is valued not only for the richness of its natural park, but also for its ancient farmsteads and Samogitian folk architecture. In February and March, the colourful Shrove Tuesday Carnival is the annual highlight with its rich traditional customs, handicrafts and culinary treats.

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