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Tervete Nature Park (Latvia)

When it comes to things to do in Tervete, visiting the beautiful Swans Lake is a must. At the lake, boats are available for hire and are an ideal means to enjoy the water. The Lake is known for its plentiful fishing and it is also a great place for bird watching.

Other recreational activities that are popular in the park are swimming, cycling, camping and winter sports.

For a glimpse into Tervete's past, a visit to the Tervete History Museum is strongly recommended. There revelers can see weapons, ornaments and household objects from centuries ago. Another plus (if you happen to be at the museum on the second Saturday in August each year) is the majestic Zemgalians Festival and Craftsmen Fair that takes place there.

What makes the Tervete Nature Park Special?

Horses in the Tervete Nature Park   When it comes to nature, Tervete is famous for its old and especially tall pine trees. The trees for years have been used to make ornate wooden sculptures, some of which have been placed in the park to reflect the fairytale characters of the famous Latvian writer Anna Brigadere's work. The characters in the park, which consist of the King of the Forest, a witch, dwarfs and others, are popular attractions to visit amongst younger people

Even today, you can visit Brigadere's actual house "Spridisi", which contains many original furniture pieces and her literary works.

For nature lovers, Tervete is home to 72 endangered plants that grow wildly throughout the park. The region is also a haven for many other forms of wildlife such as birds, reptiles and amphibious creatures.

Tervete Nature Park is a distinctive place and the methods enacted to keep the park as clean as possible are of the highest standard. There are designated nature protected zones that keep the park's rare species free from intrusion.

Recently, investments in infrastructure and other park attractions have made the park's experience even more enjoyable for visitors and more foreign tourists are coming to Tervete each year.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: Young people leaving goodies for their favorite fairy tale characters
  • Summer: Swans Lake filled with many avid boaters
  • Fall: Birds migrating to a warmer climate
  • Winter: Cross-country skiers cruising along trails

Highlights of the Tervete Nature Park:

  • Drift off into fantasy land for an afternoon
  • Breathe the fresh air in the pine forests
  • Search for constellations on a dark night
  • Take a relaxing swim in Swans Lake
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