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Ligatne Village (Latvia)

Welcome to Ligatne Village

Ligatne Village The scenic village of Ligatne is situated in the north of the country, 75 km away from Riga. This part of the country is often called the heart of Latvia, with its countless legends, cities, castles. In many ways, it characterises Latvian identity. Located in one of the most beautiful spots in the famous Gauja National Park, Ligatne owes its picturesque scenery to the stunning sandstone cliffs on the banks of the Ligatne and Gauja rivers. Magical caves, clear waters and lush green trees paint an unforgettable picture.

Regeneration and revival

The decline in productivity at the mill in the 20th century had direct impact on the village and local economy. An overall regeneration initiative sought to preserve the mill and ensure it remained a working mill. Today, there are various tours and excursions at the mill, where people can learn about the different techniques of paper-making and recycling. You can also learn about the history of the factory, life in the village and the factory workers. Other initiatives include the creation of The Gauja National Park in 1975. The park provides a protected environment for endangered animals, trees and plants from across the country.

Sightseeing tips

  • take a walk through Vienkoči Park, situated on Ligatne River. Here you will find various wooden sculptures and have the chance to learn how to make wood furniture during a workshop
  • visit the Ķempju Lutheran Church built in the 19th century. The architectural style of the building is unique to Latvia
  • visit the Ligatne nature reserve, home to various animals such as bear, lynx, roe deer and red deer
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