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Liepāja (Latvia)

Old building in LiepājaWelcome to Liepāja

An old fisherman city located on a stretch of land between the Baltic Sea and the fifth largest lake in Latvia – that is Liepāja. A place with a rich history, various cultural traditions and beautiful sandy beaches.

Local architecture and art are reflective of different historical eras and the traditional Latvian culture entwines with German and Russian influence here. The Byzantine splendour of the Russian orthodox cathedral in Karosta mixes with the Soviet military austerity, and modest wooden houses in Jaunāja are in contrast to the magnificent German churches in the old city centre.

Liepāja also offers many cultural, art and sport attractions. Apart from sight-seeing, you can enjoy white sand beaches, beautiful sceneries and colourful sunsets. Summers are usually full of various events and festivals – starting from the whopping beach party „Summer Sound” to the Speed Festival „Rally Kurzeme”, when thousands of guests gather in the city. Less sunny months of the year do not stop the vivid cultural life from shining. Travellers can visit various exhibits, expositions, or concerts.


Liepāja provides high quality tourism services to the broad and diverse travellers groups, including people with special needs. The city council together with the local NGO has adopted guidelines for accessible tourism development. As a result, the public infrastructure of the Liepāja town is suitable for disabled people: streets, parks, public buildings and also the public transport are easily accessible for all.

Special walking trails in the historical centre and in the nature are designed for disabled people, including description of touristic attractions on information plates in Braille. A trail near the Liepāja Lake allows bird watching for people in wheel chairs and there is also a beach adjusted for the needs od blind people and  wheelchair users.

Sightseeing tips

  • Visit Karosta (Navy port) and see the Officer’s Palace, Marine Cathedral, Riding Manege, Fortifications and the Northern Breakwater, Old Prison and the interactive show Behind the Bars;
  • Go to a concert by Liepāja Symphony Orchestra and afterwards relax in one of the beautiful cafes and restaurants in the city centre;
  • Go for a romantic walk in the Seaside Park enjoying the wind and the sunset reflections in the linden trees;
  • Come to the City Celebrations in the middle of July and see Rally Kurzeme.


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