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Montevecchio, City of Guspini (Italy)

Welcome to Montevecchio, City of Guspini

Montevecchio, City of Guspini Guspini is a beautiful Mediterranean town situated on the south-west coast of Sardinia. It is a fascinating town with an immaculate landscape, warm climate and ancient architecture. In its surroundings the Monte Linas, Mount Arcuentu and Mount Maiori mountains dominate the landscape. Dunes, woodlands and the Mediterranean Sea add to the beautiful scenery. The coastline is impressive, stretching 46 km, with stunning sandy beaches. In the region there are waterfalls dotted around the town and several forests surrounding it, such as: Gentilis park and Perd'e Pibera park, the latter being the largest park in the area. There are also several interesting places worth visiting just outside Guspini, such as Montevecchio, a small village 10 km away from the city. It is one of the oldest mine sites in Italy, and galena was the main mineral. Today, there is an eco-museum in Montevecchio which exhibits the history of the region, its main activities and the everyday life of the locals. Exploring Guspini and its surrounding areas is truly rewarding.

Regeneration and revival

Soon after the mining industry collapsed, the town lost not only its main source of economy, but its charm. The upkeep of the town centre was no longer a priority and the effects of the economic decline were visible on the streets of Montevecchio. Through the regeneration programme which began last decade, Montevecchio is today a prosperous tourist destination. The mines have been converted into tourist attractions. The old buildings with vast architectural heritage have also been refurbished – and the Art nouveau style of the buildings has been restored to their former glory. For example, the Direzione, built in the 1870s and designed as a managerial house by Giovanni Antonio Sanna have been renovated and open to visitors. A special cultural tour has been designed to bring together different elements of the town: the mines, rural crafts, traditions and residential houses. This integrated approach to showcasing the town’s history has been a huge tourist attraction.

Sightseeing tips

  • Take a walk around Mount Maiori, the mountain is particularly noted for its beautiful oak forest at the summit.
  • Visit Sardara thermal baths which have been famous for their healing properties since ancient times.
  • Take a walk in the San Sisinnio (Villacidro) park which has a grove of a thousand year-old olive trees.
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