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The Westfjords region (Iceland)

The Westfjords region

View in the Westfjords regionThe Westfjords is Iceland’s most remote region and possibly the most enthralling; the Westfjords are a world apart. Virtually separated from the rest of Iceland, the area is characterised by dramatic fjords and towering angular cliffs rising sharply from deep blue seas. Surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean, the area prides itself on having 30% of Iceland‘s unspoilt coast line including the incredible Breiðafjörður-Bay, Ísafjörðurdjúp-Bay and Húnaflóa-Bay. In addition, the Westfjords have the only growing glacier in Iceland (the Drangajökull Glacier), plus hundreds of lakes and rivers.

Tourists are now increasingly discovering the wonders of the Westfjords with its dynamic landscapes, beaches, magnificent ocean views, deep fjords, tall majestic mountains, hundreds of lakes and rivers, thermal springs, deserted farms, nesting birds, lush vegetation, awe-inspiring silence and much more. The air is pure, filled with the scents of clean, ocean breezes and wild vegetation. This is the only place to spot a sea eagle and probably the best place to see the arctic fox in its natural environment.

The uniqueness of The Westfjords region:

Riding at the beach

The thermal pools are one of the popular attractions, where visitors can relax peacefully and de-stress while watching the northern lights at night or the seals by the seashore during the daytime. Westfjords region also offers numerous opportunities for those, who are looking for something more active, for example, snowmobiling, winter sports, sailing, horseback riding, glacier trips and many other activities that will make your visit to this place unforgettable.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Go backpacking around Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and Dragajökull Glacier
  • Visit the hot pools and the Northern Light Tour
  • Take a walk along the magnificent Breiðafjörður-Bay, Ísafjörðurdjúp-Bay and Húnaflóa-Bay
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