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Mecsek (Hungary)

Welcome to Mecsek

Mecsek The Mecsek region is situated in the southern part of Hungary. Its defining features are a green landscapes, vineyards and Mediterranean climate. Fig, almond and chestnut trees are very common here due to mild temperatures. There are several cities and towns to explore in the region, such as: Pecs, a Roman city, with buildings that date back to the second century, and Villany, a small town best known for its wines. The Mecsek region offers countless possibilities for active, as well as cultured holidaymakers. The region is renowned not only for its beautiful scenery, but also for its historical and cultural heritage. There is something for everyone to explore.

Regeneration and revival

Several projects were initiated to increase the breadth of tourist attractions in the region. Mecsek’s disused industrial and cultural heritage sites were renovated and given a new purpose. The Benedictine cloister, a castle in Pecsvarad, famous for its healing qualities, has now been converted into a museum and a hotel. One of the most prominent transformations that took place in the city of Pecs was the new culture and art quarter, built around the famous Zsolnay Factory. Today, the old factory still produces its famous porcelain. But there is also now space for exhibitions and presentations, a visitors’ centre providing information about cultural events and activities, numerous cafes as well many other amenities. Over 200,000 visitors come to the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter every year. With different parts of the quarter dedicated to different activities, it has been one of the most impressive success stories in the region. Another highlight is Orfű, a resort with lakes, forests and beautiful parks. There are significant developments in progress here, such as an aqua park, water-tourism centre, an open courtyard and cycle paths. There is also a Mill Museum, where millers mill wheat and sell homemade bread.

Sightseeing tips

  • the Nador Gallery exhibits the works of contemporary local, international artists. It is situated in an old hotel building in Pecs
  • to see the hidden treasure of Mecsek, take a tour inside the Trio cave
  • have an exciting day in the adventure park, Mecsextrem
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