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Lake Tisza (Hungary)

Lake Tisza

River TiszaHungary’s largest man-made Lake Tisza was created by damming the River Tisza in 1973 to facilitate flood prevention; the filling of the lake was finished in 1990s. Today, it is an extraordinary area of 127 square kilometers. Next to the undisturbed nature, you can find sailboats and windsurfers skimming over the pristine waters of the lake. The beauty of the region is miraculous, a few kilometers away from the lake you will find Europe’s largest field of blossoming water lilies and fringed water lilies, the uninterrupted carpet of water chestnuts and the many willow trees bowing on the banks.

The possibilities for a great holiday at Lake Tisza are countless. Several guided tours are offered, which run all-year round. Some of the most popular tours include the Sunset/Sunrise tours, during which the guests will see beautiful sights of the sun from unusual, hidden spots. The Nature Trail and Water Walkway is another popular tour to take. It connects three islands and is 1,5 km long.

The uniqueness of Lake Tisza:

Lake Tisza

Watching the nature is an adventure in itself, which begins right from the time when visitors arrive to the area, and see the lake, hear the dinging birds and see the image of villages surrounding Lake Tisza. It is a truly unforgettable experience. The adjacent villages are unique clusters of folklore, local rituals and traditions, which are reflected everywhere, in architecture, furniture and traditional outfits. Local craftsmen are keen on sharing their experience with visitors, for example, at Tiszafüred village, in one of the Pottery houses it is possible to learn about the long tradition of ceramics in the area.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the ‘Fish Days’ fair – a 3-day long fair, where visitors can taste delicious fish specialties, watch folklore dances and presentations, or watch fishermen’s competition
  • Participate in the GPS treasure searching game – a state of art technique that has been used in the region to specialize the study tours.
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