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Irottko Nature Park (Hungary)

With its many hiking, walking and biking trails, the Írottkő offers visitors unsurpassed contact with nature. The Blue Tour, Hungary's most important and oldest hiker's movement dating back almost 120 years ago, starts on the top of Írottkő Mountain and winds its way through some of the most breath-taking sceneries in the park.

For less-extreme alpine lovers, there are many study trails offering shorter hikes through detailed rock formation and flower zones. The Stichwort study trail, which curves its way through some amazing floral areas on Koszeg Mountain, is a popular choice amongst nature lovers.

For those wishing to see the region by bicycle, there is a regional cycling center at Rowling Lake that rents bikes daily.

What makes the Írottkő Nature Park Special?

View over the landscape  The sense of inner peace that Írottkő inflicts on its visitors is memorable. The Seven Springs located close to the Austrian border provide a relaxation experience like no other. The hot springs were named after the seven tribes that founded Hungary in the 9th century. The structure that houses the springs was built in 1896 to commemorate Hungary's millennium.

A new program called the Wine Route of Koszeg was formed in 2004 to give tourists an understanding of the time and energy dedicated to producing some of the country's unique wines. Other products such as honey cakes, goat cheese and apple products are produced in the region and are tasty delights loved by visitors. The newly-built Herb and Spice Garden opened its doors in 2005 and it focuses on all-natural products.

With many links to the past, the Írottkő Nature Park's secured place in Hungary's rich history is a priority. Eco-friendly practices in agriculture, construction and forestry have been at the forefront of local municipalities for some time now.

Measures to renovate the springs in environmentally friendly manners have been implemented with help coming from volunteers. There are also yearly cleaning movements that rid the park of waste deposits and other undesirables.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: The Book of New Wines Festival on St. Georg's Day
  • Summer: Alpine hikers making their way to the top of Írottkő Mountain
  • Fall: Magnificent fall foliage on the mountain sides
  • Winter: Ski jumpers soaring countless meters in the air

Highlights of the Írottkő Nature Park:

  • Spend a day relishing at the Gastronomic Festival
  • Unleash your stress while relaxing at a hot spring resort
  • Go horseback riding on long, quiet trails
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