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Prefecture of Serres (Greece)

Prefecture of Serres

Prefecture of SerresStretching from the Strymonikos bay to the Bulgarian border, the Prefecture of Serres is Greece’s treasured possession. The destination combines the beauty of nature, the peaceful life of province and the cultural tradition in a way like no other. Surrounded by mountains and known as the flattest area in Greece, the region owes the fertility and beauty of its inland areas to the old waters of the river Strymonas. Northwest of the flat area lies the artificial lake Kerkini, constructed to dam the Strymon River and harness its energy.

The region of Serres offers the opportunity to discover, beyond the authenticity of provincial life, the hospitality, the local cultural heritage, and the historical monuments. A must do experience is touring the villages. To see traditional fire dancing head to Agia Eleni, for magnificent caves and impressive canyons as well as archeological remains of the ancient cities visit Alistrati and Amfipoli.

The uniqueness of Prefecture of Serres:

Tree in the landscape

Serres has been inhabited since prehistoric times. According to mythology, Serres was the favourite place of Dionysus, the Thracian god of wine. Serres was first mentioned in the 5th century BC and, later, in Byzantine chronicles. Its history is complex and can be found throughout the area when exploring this unique setting.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • The Cave of Alistrati, considered to be the largest and most beautiful in Europe;
  • The Vironia aquarium, the only one in Northern Greece and displaying more than thirty fish species from the lake Kerkini;
  • The fortress Metaxa along the Greek-Bulgarian border in the Belasitsa Mountain (also known as “Fortress Rupel”)
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