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Prefecture of Lesvos (Greece)

An island best known for its beaches, Lesvos is home to some of the most spectacular natural attractions in the world. On the western part of the island, visitors flock to the Lesvos Petrified Forest. It's an area that was formed over 20 million years ago and to this day, there are vast concentrations of fossilized tree-trunks and plant remnants trapped in volcanic rocks.

Resting on the bottom slope of Mt. Olympus is the Gulf of Kalloni, a magnificent refuge area that draws birdwatchers from around the globe. It is a region consisting of wetlands and salt flats on the coast, surrounded by large pine forests.

Getting to the remarkable sites on the island is easy and fun. Charted yachts are available for the more marine-inclined, while horseback and hiking trails are available for outdoor enthusiasts.

What makes Lesvos Special?

Path in the Lesvos region    With a history that dates backs to Neolithic times, Lesvos has a flare for the spectacular. The Mytilini Castle, one of the largest in the Mediterranean, overlooks the city and boasts a maze of underground tunnels in the hillside it rests upon

Another "must-see " is the Bridge at Kremasti. It's an architectural masterpiece built of stone around the 14th Century AD, and is still used by locals today.

Greece is a country that has been home to many different religions throughout time and Lesvos is no different. The ruins of the 5th Century AD Church of Saint Andrew rest in Eressos, while the Turkish-built Yeni Mosque is in Skala.

The local municipalities in Lesvos realize they are blessed with a pretty special slice in the "history pie" of the world. Scattered all around the island are constant reminders of past ancient civilizations. To protect these gems, rest areas, mandatory paths and vista points have been built to preserve their places in time.

Environmental and eco-friendly programs have also been implemented to guide Lesvos smoothly through this century.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: Horseback-riders venturing up mountain sides
  • Summer: Sunbathers relaxing on pristine beaches
  • Fall: Migrating birds touching down on the salt flats
  • Winter: Religious celebrations in ancient places of worship

Highlights of Lesvos:

  • The scent of local cooking enhanced by olive oil
  • Watch the sun set over Mt. Olympus
  • Take a long stroll on the beach
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