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Western Pomeranian River District (Germany)

Western Pomeranian River District

West Pomeranian River DistrictLocated in the North of Germany on the border with Poland, West Pomerania forms the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. The region combines the pristine and largely undiscovered nature with a rich fauna and impressive cultural heritage left by the Slavic and Viking tribes. With its tranquil river valleys and pastoral scenery, it is a real hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by new visitors.

Whether you are looking for a weekend destination to observe nature or would like a week long holiday canoeing the 90km of water through Peene valley, the West Pomeranian River District has everything to satisfy the needs of its visitors. The extensive drainage basin between the Mecklenburg Lake District and the coast of the Baltic Sea is a beautiful, delightfully intact natural landscape. Also, tourists can enjoy discovering the cultural heritage of Slavic and Viking tribes and, with a little bit of luck, might even spot white-tailed eagles, kingfishers and beavers which have their natural habitat in this region.

The uniqueness of Western Pomeranian River District:

Deer at the river

The history of the region dates back to the era of the Vikings. The historical sites such as the Viking graves in Menzlin and the ruins of the former Benedectine monastery strengthen the position of the region as a cultural destination.

One of the main attractions of the region is the canoe trips that are organised along the endless rivers. Thus, it is not surprising that the tour received the name ‘Across the Amazon of the North’. This tour reveals the balance between ecological, social and economic sustainability. On the tour stop at the idyllic rest stops along the river valley and stay overnight in tents or, for travellers who prefer more comfort, there are cosy hostels and country houses available to host your stay.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Observe white-tailed eagles
  • Go on a one-day canoe trips
  • Visit the museum of Otto Lilienthal the pioneer of human aviation
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