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The Grand Site du Marais Poitevin (France)

The Grand Site du Marais Poitevin

The Grand Site du Marais PoitevinThe Marais Poitevin is situated close to Ile de Ré, Châtelaillon-Plage on the Atlantic coast. This labyrinth of waterways, lined with tall and dense vegetation, is worth exploring as it is the largest wooded marshland on the Atlantic coast (49,000 hectares) and has one of the richest natural habitats in France. The long winding paths can be explored on foot, by bike or by carriage.

The characteristic landscape of the Marais Poitevin has featured in numerous artistic representations and productions. Over the years painters, watercolourists, storytellers, writers, photographers and artists have each in their turn captured the history and imagination of the spirit of this mysterious and unusual world.

The uniqueness of region:


The landscapes of the wet marsh are made up of two highly characteristic elements that exist side by side: the river system, with a sophisticated hierarchy of waterways and the plant fabric, which brings volume, colours and perspectives with its ash trees, poplars, willows and alders. The landscape changes from an open lattice work of different shades of grey in winter, to a place of hidden scenery in summer - dominated by multiple shades of green and inviting you to sit and meditate in the shade of the foliage, along canals covered in duckweed.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

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