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Morvan Regional Nature Park

Path over a lake adapted to persons with reduced mobility

The Morvan regional natural park, a craggy mountainous massif, offers natural and cultural heritage, and exceptional landscapes ideal for the discovery of the environment, the development of know-how and the practice of outdoor sports. "The lungs of Burgundy", the Park represents a large natural stadium offering a wide range of outdoor activities, from trekking to biking, horse-riding or kayaking and rafting.

Morvan is also an area of history and traditions. Vezelay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a departure point for Compostelle paths.

The "Morvan Pour Tous" ("Morvan for Everyone") has been working since 2006 to construct and organise the region for equal access for handicapped and non-handicapped people. Many accessible events and activities have been developed: Nature treks for everyone, free-renting of material, thematic tours and visits; ...etc.
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Roubaix is a small city situated in the Nord department in northern France, close to the city of Lille. Founded in the ninth century, it is the second biggest city in the Nord Pas de Calais region with a population of 98,796. In the Middle Ages, Roubaix was famous for its textile industry and wool production. Nowadays, the city is also well known for its policy on regeneration ‘Ville Renouvelee’, which seeks to transform this industrial setting into a sustainable city. Roubaix has undergone many changes which have transformed the facade of the city whilst maintaining its heritage and charm. An example of one such metamorphosis is an old swimming pool that was converted into a museum of fine arts. This and many other developments have made Roubaix a unique destination worth visiting.

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The Grand Site du Marais Poitevin

The Grand Site du Marais Poitevin

The Grand Site du Marais Poitevin is rightfully called the Green Venice of France. This labyrinth of waterways, lined with tall and dense vegetation, is worth visiting as it is the largest wooded marshland on the Atlantic coast (49,000 hectares) and it has one of the richest natural habitats in France. The magical beauty of the area has been captured in numerous artistic representations.

Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park

Rocks and forest © Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park

The Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park is located in the north-east of France. In 2009, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in protected areas. Sandstone, hot springs and many water passages shape the Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park into an unparalleled oddity. The Visitors enjoy all year round glassmakers creating multi-colored ornaments, avid cyclers speeding along dedicated bike paths and the unique taste of the local cuisine.

Route des vins du Jura

People visiting vineyards © Wine Route of the Jura

The Wine Route of the Jura is located in eastern France. In 2008, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in Intangible Heritage. On the Tourist Wine Route of the Jura in Eastern France, visitors are invited to experience an 80km-long Jura wine route from Salinsles- Bains to Saint-Amour to best explore the region's rich natural habitat, traditions as well as its gastronomy.

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