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Lake Võrtsjärv (Estonia)

Lake Võrtsjärv

Boat on Lake VõrtsjärvLocated in southern Estonia, this EDEN award winning destination ‘Lake Võrtsjärv’ is the second largest lake in the Baltic States. The lake is not only a natural habitat but also a home, an employer, a rest area, a research object, a history keeper and a water craft carrier. Lake Võrtsjärv has a great recreational value as well as a considerable fishery and navigational importance. The beauty of Võrtsjärv and its surrounding nature has, throughout the ages, attracted visitors and has been offering possibilities for activity holidays and for spending free time.

According to a legend, in the old times there was a sacred lake - Emujärv. Oak and maple forests on the shores were full of fairies and pixies, witches and wizards. Ancestral traditions are therefore an important part of the cultural life of the local people in the Võrtsjärv area.

The uniqueness of Lake Võrtsjärv:

Lake Võrtsjärv

The Võrtsjärv lake with its abundant fish resources has throughout centuries been the means of subsistence for locals. Centuries have affected the natural environment near the lake and left their trace in the culture and history of the region. It is home to ancient fishing villages, and has a historical fishing vessel endemic to the region – the kalepurjekas. The lake, which is rich in eel, carp bream and pike-perch, also features Estonia’s only freshwater fish museum.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the Lake Museum situated in Vehendi Village, where rare and protected species are exhibited in aquariums as well as a model of the biggest fish ever caught in Võrtsjärv
  • Visit the Dutch windmill at Tamme (built in 1875-1899) that use to serve as a convenient navigation landmark for fishermen. According to a legend Swedes were buried on the site near the windmill.
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