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Haapsaly City

Bay of Haapsaly

Small romantic seaside town Haapsalu is situated in the West Coast of Estonia. It is famous for its historic and maritime atmosphere, warm sea water, curative mud baths and friendly residents.

The oldest part of Haapsalu is built on a strip of land that was formed of many islets only a few hundred years back. Narrow streets with the wooden houses not changed much from the beginning of XXth century bring you to the sea again and again. Haapsalu has therefore been called the Nordic Venice. Haapsalu has a large offer on sports activities for disabled people.

Haapsalu – a great place to be!
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Lahemaa National Park Manors

Lahemaa National Park Manors

The Lahemaa National Park, in the north of Estonia, just 70 km away from Tallin is the largest nature park in the country. It covers 725 km and has a diverse landscape – endless plateaus, coastal plains, several waterfalls, beaches and forests. Rich and diverse flora and fauna complement the beautiful landscape. Lahemaa is a perfect place to rest and enjoy the natural environment. In this beautiful setting, you can find three Manors – Palmse, Sagadi and Vihula. Each of the Manors is unique, yet all three of them have common features which complement the beautiful surroundings.

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Lake Võrtsjärv

Lake Võrtsjärv

Lake Võrtsjärv is the second largest lake in the Baltic States. There are more than 20 rivers, streams and ditches which bring their water into the lake making it an important habitat for more than 30 different species of fish and birds. Võrtsjärv offers recreational opportunities for people seeking cultural, nature and active holidays and its eco-tourism products succeed in uniting the past and the present day in a superb fashion.

Soomaa National Park

Suspension bridge © Viljandi

Soomaa National Park is located in the middle of Estonia. In 2009, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in protected areas. Soomaa National Park is best known for having five unique seasons. The fifth season being the high-water season. It gives way to majestic flooding in the Soomaa National Park as the floods are essential for the continued development of the park's ancient bogs. For wildlife enthusiasts, the region is home to over 185 different types of birds and diverse carnivorous animals.


Suspension bridge © Viljandi

Viljandi is located in the central area of Estonia. In 2008, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in Intangible Heritage. There is always a song to be sung in Viljandi. Music is a character shaping element of this Estonian Hanseatic town and its local habitants, which is the stimulus for recurring events, such as a unique puppet festival and several other authentic music and dance fiestas.

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