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Haapsaly City (Estonia)

Bay of HaapsalyWelcome to Haapsalu City

Haapsalu is a small, romantic seaside town situated on the West Coast of Estonia.

It is famous for its historic and maritime atmosphere, warm sea water, curative mud baths and friendly residents.

The oldest part of Haapsalu is built on a strip of land that was formed of many islets only a few hundred years back. Narrow streets lined with wooden houses not changed much from the beginning of 20th century bring you back to the sea again and again. Haapsalu has therefore been called the Nordic Venice.

Above all, Haapsalu is a town for people. This town – which is over 700 years old – offers self-contained peace and quiet, but that is not all: an eventful summer season has become Haapsalu's trade mark.
Haapsalu – a great place to be!


The town is known for its therapeutic mud, discovered in the 19th century. However, it also has a long history of hosting people with disabilities.

Haapsalu is a compact town, everything you need is within reach but, if needed, taxis and buses are adapted to the needs of disabled people.

You can also do sports - Haapsalu Water Centre has a special lift, which provides access to the pool. Wheelchair users can also play tennis or go bowling.

Haapsalu Cultural Centre and most museums are also accessible by wheelchair, and a variety of cultural events are on offer.

Sightseeing tips

  • Walk through the romantic streets of the city;
  • Relax with a mud therapy;
  • Visit the Estonian islands;
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