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Slovácko (Czech Republic)

Welcome to Slovácko

Slovácko The authentic region of Slovácko is situated in the south east of the Czech Republic, bordering Slovakia and Austria. The geographical location and impressive historical heritage make this region a truly fascinating destination. The mild climate, mountains, lush forests and rivers give Slovacko its unique ambience. The vast culture and tradition of the region is visible in the everyday lives of the locals. For example, the old buildings with their white-washed walls and colourful flower ornaments around the windows have been well preserved. There is also a wide variety of gourmet specialities on offer, using traditional recipes that have been passed on from one generation to the next. The combination of cultural, historical and natural sites will ensure a great stay for everyone who comes here.

Regeneration and revival

In recent years, local authorities have carried out several regeneration projects to harness the incredible tourism potential of Slovacko. One of the most remarkable projects is the Baťa Canal, a 65 km long historical waterway offering an unconventional way to explore the region. Previously, the canal was used to transport coal to a power station in Otrokovice. Today, this navigable canal invites tourists to explore Slovacko from a different perspective. Various sites and monuments are dotted along the waterway, such as the Ratiškovice Railway ‘Museum in a Carriage’. The museum presents interesting facts about the history of mining and contemporary railway lines in the Hodonin District. Other testaments of the local industrial history, such as, wind and watermills or the distillery have also been renovated.

Sightseeing tips

  • take a cycling tour through the vineyards of Slovacko. The Polešovice,Petrov-Plže and burghers wine cellars in Uherske Hradiště are just some of the highlights en route
  • for an insight into history, visit some of the historical monuments in the region – the Buchlov castle, chateaux in Buchlovice, Milotice, Valtice, Lednice, Mikulov, the Cistercian Monastery and Basilica in Velehrad
  • to enjoy all that nature has to offer, choose one of the nature trails in theb Palava, Dolni Morava, Bile Karpaty and Chřiby
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