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The destination of Lipno is one of the most attractive destinations in the Czech Republic. The season never ends here: most attractions as well as activities are open all year round (bobsleigh track, aquaworld, treetop walkway ... etc.).

All the attractions in Lipno are focused on families with children, active seniors and disabled people. All of them may spend comfortable holidays in Lipno – active as well as relax. 

All-year-round, families, seniors, as well as disabled people will enjoy comfortable holidays in Lipnoall. Many tourist activities of the Lipno area are accessible for disabled people. For example Tandem bikes or hand bikes enable them to enjoy the cycling routes within the beautiful nature of Šumava. Sailing on electric boats, which can be easily controlled, is possible on the Lipno reservoir and a special lift is available at the Aquaworld water paradise.




The authentic region of Slovácko is situated in the south east of the Czech Republic, bordering Slovakia and Austria. The geographical location and impressive historical heritage make this region a truly fascinating destination. The mild climate, mountains, lush forests and rivers give Slovacko its unique ambience. The vast culture and tradition of the region is visible in the everyday lives of the locals. For example, the old buildings with their white-washed walls and colourful flower ornaments around the windows have been well preserved. There is also a wide variety of gourmet specialities on offer, using traditional recipes that have been passed on from one generation to the next. The combination of cultural, historical and natural sites will ensure a great stay for everyone who comes here.

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Bystřicko is located in the north-eastern tip of the Czech Moravian Highlands, known for their exceptional rough beauty and their abundance of rivers, creeks and dams. The region is drained by river Svratka which offers endless possibilities for water-sports, such as rowing, boating or wild-water slalom. One of the highlights of the region is the Vír dam which has the third-highest dam wall in the Czech Republic reaching a staggering 76.5m.

Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland is located in northern Czech Republic. In 2009, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in protected areas. The unique beauty and unmatched landscapes of the Bohemian Switzerland Natural Park have inspired many great minds such as Kafka, Dvorak and Fridich, to name a few. Rock Towers rise from the Earth almost unnaturally, while gorges cut and slash their way through valleys leading to ancient castles and ruins. As one of the nominated sites for the "New 7 Wonders of Nature," the park truly is an experience one should take in while visiting Central Europe.

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