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Bystřicko (the Czech Republic)


Lake in the Bystřicko regionBystřicko is part of the Vysočina Region and is comprised of 34 member towns and villages with 20,163 inhabitants. It is located in the north-eastern tip of the Czech Moravian Highlands, known for their exceptional rough beauty, their abundance of rivers, creeks and dams, and unique flora and fauna.

The region belongs to the drainage basin of the Black Sea, and the entire region is drained by the river Svratka with its tributaries. Whilst exploring these rivers by foot or boat, you will find many preserved castle ruins. Further, the dominant water feature of the Bystřicko Region is the Vír dam which has the third-highest dam wall in the Czech Republic reaching a staggering 76.5m.

The uniqueness of Bystřicko:

Czech Moravian Highlands

It is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday, especially for those looking to combine peaceful rivers and lakes with something more active. Rowing, swimming, fishing and other water-related activities will ensure good mood and a positive experience from your holiday. The Bystřicko micro-region is unique because of its location within the Svratecká Uplands natural park which is rich in natural heritage.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the pearl of historic architecture of our region – fairy tale Gothic – Renissance Pernštejn castle
  • Discover the Mysteries of Aurochs Land
  • Visit the traditional ‘Foundry Symposium’ focused on traditional crafts
  • Try ice mountain climbing in Vír, which has the largest artificial ice mountain in the Czech Republic
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