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Bohemian Switzerland (Czech Republic)

With a multitude of great natural attractions, the hardest decision to make is which one to see first. A few that leap out immediately though are the Tiske Steny (rock towers and rock city), Edmundova Gorge and Pravcice Gate (largest stand stone rock gate in Europe). There's also the amazing Canyon Labe by Hrensko, which is the place with the lowest altitude in the Czech Republic.

To get the absolute best elevated views in the area, look no further than the Decinsky Sneznik, which just so happens to be the oldest stone tower in the Czech Republic. And to stay on the path of history, the region boasts a great number of different castles and ancient ruins, such as Tolstejn, Saunstejn and Falkestejn.

Other modern attractions include the Zoo Decin, Rumburk Museum and an underground air force factory from World War II. There's also a world-class golf course in Janov.

What makes Bohemian Switzerland special?

Bohemian culture    In the heart of the park, surrounded by everlasting natural beauty lies some of the oldest churches, chapels and relics in the Czech Republic. In an area called Ceske Kamenice are two that standout, the Church of St. James and the pilgrimage chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary

For those interested in Bohemian culture, there are a number of folkloric monuments, wind mills and historical villages. The House of Bohemian Switzerland, which is a visitor and educational center in Krasna Lipa, is a great source to learn about Bohemian crafts such as textiles and glassmaking.

As is the case with any high-altitude nature region, the weather plays its part. One of the key goals of the park is to promote tourism throughout the year, giving visitors a true sense of how the landscapes change with the seasons. There are offers designed especially for "low season" and activities are plentiful even during bad weather.

The ministry is also focused on keeping the park as green as possible. Modern economical bus lines take visitors to designated entrance points, while parking lots have been built to keep traffic controlled and out of the park's untainted soils.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: Majestic greenery and thought-evoking silence
  • Summer: Sparkling sun rays glistening off rising rock formations
  • Fall: Spectacular fall foliage that lights up the hillsides
  • Winter: Snow dusted hilltops with dark winter shadows

Highlights of the Bohemian Switzerland Natural Park:

  • Timeless walks through ancient history
  • Jaw-dropping views from vistas high above
  • Getting lost in a Bohemian village
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