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Vouni Panagias (Cyprus)

With its winding countryside and picturesque settings, the area is known for its walking and hiking trails. Vouni Panagias Nature Trail, with its varying altitude and rugged terrain, covers an area of nearly 10 kilometres. Hikers who reach the zenith are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of Panagia village, the Akamas Peninsula as well as sunsets over the Trodos Mountains.

Walking the wine routes is another "must do" in the Vouni Panagias. The region hosts three vineyards which produce some of the Island's most exotic wines. Pairing the wine with local cuisine like mezze (an assortment of traditional small dishes) is highly recommended.

For ancient history, drop by the Agios Nikolaos Monastery. It was built in the 4th Century AD and is founded on top of the ruins of the ancient temple dedicated to the Goddess Hera.

What makes the Vouni Panagias special?

Village in mountains © Vouni Panagias   Extremely rare species of predator birds and wildlife inhabit the Vouni Panagias area. The four largest mammal species indigenous to Cyprus roam the mountain sides. One of them, the Cyprus Mouflon, appears only in the Pafos Forest. For nature lovers, there are over 650 plant species, including trees, shrubs and rare herbaceous plants. The natural splendor of vegetation is prominent year around and is one of the main reasons the landscape is second to none.

Panagia village is also the birthplace of one of the most-prominent men in recent history, Archbishop Makarios III, the first President of the Republic of Cyprus.

And don't forget about the hospitality of the people. Visitors rave about how receptive and friendly the locals are to tourists.

The uniqueness of the area and its ecological value are factors supremely important to the region's people. The Vouni Panagias is an ancient area that for years has flourished. The people understand the cultural heritage and are dedicated to preserving its authenticity.

Effective methods to regulate tourism, which raises the quality of life of the people and improves the environment, are constantly being promoted.

The government remains focused in protecting the area's natural as well as man-made historical icons.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: Lush grape vines dotting the region's vineyard
  • Summer: Refreshing water springs that cool the summer climate
  • Fall: Nature walks through spectacular forest foliage
  • Winter: Holiday festivals with unmatched local hospitality

Highlights of Vouni Panagias

  • Wine and dine at the Panagia Wine Festival
  • Watch spectacular sunsets from vistas high above
  • Breath the fresh air of the Pafos Forest
  • Stroll through centuries of time at ancient monasteries
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