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Kato Pyrgos (Cyprus)

Kato Pyrgos

Coast of Kato PyrgosKato Pyrgos is a small village of almost 1500 people in the Tylliria area in West Cyprus. It is a place rich in history and heritage, lying on the roots of the Troodos Mountain range with a stunning view of the sea. Kato Pyrgos is one of the few villages left in Cyprus where the natural environment remains virtually untouched and maintains its natural beauty. The beaches in Kato Pyrgos are famous for their cool and lucid waters, ideal for the hot summer months. The beaches are some of the cleanest on the island and if you are lucky you might spot a school of dolphins playing far out in the sea.

It is an ideal spot for fresh water fishing and hiking. The Community of Kato Pyrgos offers a unique and rare sea, mountain and fresh water combination which everyone can enjoy. Rich in history and culture, Kato Pyrgos hosts many monuments, chapels and churches. Findings from the 14th century and tombs of the Hellinistic and Roman period were localized in an area next to the village. Moreover, visitors can go and see the Chapel of Virgin Mary “Galoktisti”, built using milk instead of water, around the 12th and 14th century.

The uniqueness of Kato Pyrgos:

Fishing boat

Life seems to stop in the village of Kato Pyrgos, when strolling through narrow streets, admiring centuries old architecture, buying fresh fragrant figs and peaches, while inhaling the see air and enjoying the Mediterranean sun, it is a truly unique location. The locals enjoying telling the visitors about the legends of the area and encourage them to participate in the local activities.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the Chapel of Virgin Mary “Galoktisti”
  • Go to the village square to see the centenarian oak tree, which is nearly 110 years old
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