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Polis Chrysochous Municipality

accessible peerThe Municipality of Polis Chrysochous with its natural scenic beauty, abundant greenery, attractive beaches, a distinctive style of architecture  and hospitable people with rich culture and history is an ideal tourist destination.

Those wishing to escape the stress and routine of daily life will find an ideal place of calm and rest, in an environment of unparalleled beauty.

Polis Chrysochous combines the infrastructure and the elements to allow visitors, regardless their age and physical condition, to have an unforgettable and unique experience. Visitors can enjoy the rest and tranquillity in a pleasant and friendly environment but also they can have a more active holiday. Disabled visitors can enjoy the sea and swim thanks to an unique electronic system for access to the sea.
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The small village of Kalopanayiotis is situated in the Marathasa region, on the northern slopes of the Troodos Mountain Range, 700 meters above sea level. This beautiful village offers traditional architecture, thermal springs and luscious green valleys. The tiled rooftops, stunning balconies, quiet courtyards, cobblestone paths and ancient churches all contribute to the elegant setting. Kalopanayiotis is also famous for its thermal springs. The healing properties of these springs were famous in antiquity, when the Romans, Byzantines and Franks used to visit the village. The Setrachos River, along with numerous water-mills and natural springs provide a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

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Kato Pyrgos

Kato Pyrgos

Kato Pyrgos is a small village lying on the roots of the Troodos Mountain, overlooking the sea. The beaches in Kato Pyrgos are famous for their cool and lucid waters, ideal for the hot summer months. The beaches are some of the cleanest on the island and if you are lucky you might spot a school of dolphins playing far out in the sea. Kato Pyrgos is also famous for its rich history and culture, its monuments, chapels and churches are a true gift for history-enthusiasts.

Vouni Panagias

Village in mountains © Vouni Panagias

Vouni Panagias is located in the western part of Cyprus. In 2009, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in protected areas. A diverse and native ecosystem unlike no other makes Vouni Panagias in Cyprus standout amongst others. With its winding countryside and picturesque settings, the area is known for its walking and hiking trails. Lush grape vines, refreshing water springs and spectacular sunsets from vistas high are among the main attractions for the rising number of eco-friendly visitors.


Roses collected for the “Roses festival” © Agros

Agros is located in the southern part of Cyprus. In 2008, it was awarded the title of European Tourist Destination of Excellence in Intangible Heritage. Local cultural heritage revolves around the rosewater industry and the rose festival in May, but there is much more discover in Agros. For example, there are extensive hiking paths through an outstanding landscape, diverse historical and cultural sites, and mouth-watering traditional Cypriot cuisine.


Pine branch © Troodos

Troodos is located in southern Cyprus. In 2007, it was awarded the title of Best Emerging European Rural Destination of Excellence. The Cyprian destination is steeped in tradition. Its wood-roofed churches are UNESCO World Heritage designated sites and its colourful village festivals allow visitors to indulge in local delicacies.

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