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Nin (Croatia)


Adriatic SeaNin is located in a shallow lagoon about 14 km away from the regional centre Zadar, on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea. It is the oldest Croatian royal town as it was the first metropolis of Croatian kings from the 9th century. It is located on a small island, which is connected to the mainland by two stone bridges from the 16th century.

The well-tended paths and natural sandy beaches are a favourite place for families with small children, and out of season they are a great place for taking long walks in the natural surroundings. It is also idea for people looking for stories of history and culture. Here, you can find famous old Croatian churches built between the 9th and 12th centuries, which are unique in Croatia and the wider Mediterranean area. Visitors to the old town centre can approach the island via one of the two ancient bridges built in the 16th century or through the preserved lower city gate (16-18th centuries) and start to explore the town walls and many valuable monuments.

The uniqueness of Nin:

Bridge to Nin

A unique part of the natural heritage is the healing mud (peloid) and weather conditions produced by the area. The medical centre in Zadar has been using the healing mud for 40 years in the treatment of various diseases, rheumatic illnesses, spine problems and a variety of skin diseases. During summer, the mistral blows and reduces the summer heat. As a result, Nin is an oasis for tourism and offers ideal conditions for rest and recreation.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the coronation church of St. Nicholas
  • Discover original old Croatian ships from the 11th century, called Condura
  • Visit the church of St. Cross - “the smallest cathedral in the world”
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