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Stancija 1904 - Svetvinčenat (Croatia)

Castle in Stancija 1904Welcome to STANCIJA 1904, SVETVINČENAT

Stancija 1904 is located at the heart of Istria, in the idyllic village of Smoljanci, 266 meters above sea level and 25 km from the sea. An attraction situated in the immediate vicinity is a small railway station, where a regional train passes seven times a day and connects the village to the city of Pula. Svetvinčenat, a town of particular cultural and historical value is only 3 km away from the Stancija.


Svetvinčenat has 271 inhabitants, and most of its venues are accessible: all sidewalks are lowered, there are reserved parking spaces for the disabled as well as bars, pizzerias, restaurants and taverns which serve traditional dishes, are accessible to all and offer menus in Braille.

The clinic, grocery store, pharmacy, newsagent, post office and tourist information office are adapted to meet everyone's needs, regardless of disability and age. Beaches accessible to disabled persons are located close to Stancija 1904.

All heritage renovations are carried out in respect of the village's historic architecture. They also take care to be accessible to all, regardless of physical limitations, age and disability.

Sightseeing tips

  • Visit Svetvinčenat, a town of particular cultural and historical value. Enjoy its castles, churches,  Renaissance houses and many other places of interest;
  • Participate in one of the festivals like Istra Ethno Jazz Festival, Festival of Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre, knight’s games, traditional crafts fair, concerts, etc.;
  • Enjoy peaceful and quiet evenings, and relax in the deep shade of the trees during hot summer days at the Stancija;
  • Take part in activities like golf, caving, hiking, walking or cycling in the countryside, visiting the Aquarium in Pula, surfing in the sea or visiting cities with well-known cultural and historical sites.


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