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The Northern Velebit National Park (Croatia)

In 1981, the Northern Velebit was rightly declared a nature park with its lush forests, diverse plant life and vast species of wildlife standing out amongst many things.

The area has a rich heritage that dates back many centuries with the town of Senji being the gateway to the park.

What can you do here?

The Northern Velebit National Park is an explorer's paradise. Deep sinkholes, caves and other forms of depressions give the park an unparalleled sense of multiplicity. The Hadjuk and Rozan hips together contain over 150 caves, with the most well-known being the Lukina Jama (Luka's Cave), which descends 1,392 metres deep into the Earth.

For visitors wanting a taste of alpine sports, the park is second to none. There are a great number of hiking, cycling and cross country skiing trails through the mountains that reveal some "eye-popping" panoramic views. A walk along the Premuzic Path leads trekkers through enchanted forests and endless lush green grasslands.

What makes the Northern Velebit National Park Special?

The Northern Velebit National Park    Warm, sultry seaside weather combined with mountains that rise into the sky make the Northern Velebit Park a truly extraordinary region for nature. Predatory animals such as wildcats, bears and wolves, roam the mountainsides, while the largest population of wood grouse makes its habitat in the heartlands.

Plant life is also abundant. 1,500 plant species ranging from sub-Mediterranean to mountainous types fill the park. In the warmer months, the mountain flora is spectacular, with a rainbow of colours dotting the hillsides.

The region overflows with local fare throughout the year, with many Croatians lured to the park in search of mountain fun and relaxation and it has also recently started to see a rise in foreign tourism.

As the number of visitors each year (10,000-15,000) rises, the local municipalities have begun to pay close attention to the ecological balance of the area. Future plans are being discussed to develop a tourist infrastructure with facilities outside of the park, in the towns nearby. The aim is to keep the park as untainted as possible by man.

Plans are also being developed to enhance visitors' experiences within the park, especially when it comes to wildlife and natural vegetation.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: Fantastic flora filling the hillsides
  • Summer: Alpine enthusiasts gathering at the foot of the mountains
  • Fall: Birds migrating to warmer climates
  • Winter: Explorers cross country skiing through mountain trails

Highlights of the Northern Velebit National Park:

  • Breathe the clean mountain air while hiking through steep canyons
  • Try some local homemade cheeses while enjoying a glass of wine
  • Spend Earth Day in a mountain paradise
  • Take a bike tour from Sveti Juraj to Zavizan
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