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Silistra Region (Bulgaria)

Silistra Region

People of Silistra RegionThe Silistra Region is located in the North-Eastern part of Bulgaria, on the southern bank of the lower Danube River, close to the border with Romania. Silistra is dotted with fountains, springs, traditions and legends about water. The proximity of the Danube River determines the life of the people, which is directly linked to the water. As the locals say, it is the life itself.

Silistra captivates the senses with stunning natural scenery, pristine landscapes and impressive stories. The best way to see and appreciate this beauty is by taking a boat excursion along the Danube River. During this trip you will be able to appraise the impressive images of the pristine nature, fishing villages and other attractions.

The uniqueness of Silistra Region:

Fishing village

Silistra has a unique strategic location, this port, situated at the junction of European and East Balkan transport corridors; it has a great basis for the development of a competitive economy and agriculture, while revealing its uniqueness and beauty.

The unique natural beauty of the region, which combines marvellous rivers with rough mountains, deep-rooted, and centuries-old traditions, create an amazing atmosphere in Silistra. Natural and historical sites are closely interlinked in the Silistra region. This is also visible, when visiting the preserved Fishing village in Tutrakan, which maintains local traditions and rituals.

Before leaving, don’t forget to...

  • Visit the Turkish fort ‘Medzhidy Tabia’ – the best preserved fortification system on the northern border of the Ottoman Empire
  • Visit the oldest Church in Bulgaria, located in the town of Silistra, Armenian Apostolic Church of ‘Surp Astvadzadzin’
  • Try local cuisine with its wide range of fish dishes
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