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Steirisches Vulkanland (Austria)

Straden region © Styrian Volcano land

Steirisches Vulkanland or Styrian volcano land comprises four districts – Feldbach, Radkersburg, Weiz and Fürstenfeld – in the south east of the province of Styria. As a rural area that boasts outstanding natural conditions, a high degree of individuality and a diverse natural potential, Steirisches Vulkanland offers guests the experience of a combination of cuisine, handicrafts and life force, in a way that is meaningful and authentic.

Steirisches Vulkanland is a holistic destination where nature, space and man are harmonious. Nature, landscape, authentic cuisine, immaterial and cultural heritage can be experienced with all the senses. The region lives in an equilibrium of material and immaterial values. Special accommodation allows visitors to experience “living culture” – dialect, legends and myths, customs and traditions – as part of the region’s distinctive culture of celebration throughout the four seasons.

Pleasure of Spring: geomantic hikes along the “On Volcano’s Trail” hiking paths, allow visitors to experience nature’s awakening and the harmony of man and nature.

Summer Masterpieces: glass manufactories open their doors to the public, handicraft traditions and culture can be experienced at close hand.

Culinary Autumn: a cornucopia of delights as varied and colourful as the landscape makes a treat for all the senses. Wine-tasting in cellars with explanations by experts, wine harvesting in the vineyards, the interplay of the aroma of wines, juices, cheeses, ham, vegetables, and fruit.

Advent Peace: rest and contemplation, experiencing calm in a landscape of tranquillity.

Steirisches Vulkanland’s greatest potential lies in its identity – scenic, socio-cultural, and economic, with one of the highest qualities of life. The region’s all-round approach to marketing is based on the inhabitants who are the bearers of a special way of life with innovative products and offers.

Steirisches Vulkanland is rich in volcanic formations, thermal water resources, historic sacral and architectural monuments, and folk art, as well as in traditions expressed in a characteristic culture of festivals and celebrations. Geomancy makes the “inner energy of the region” accessible through guided tours to experience the landscape.

Tourist Highlights

Sunflowers field © Styrian volcano land

On the Volcano trail: the 300 km hiking trail through the picturesque landscape is an invitation to visitors to immerse themselves in the landscape of Steirisches Vulkanland and get to know its environment and the people. The main route has 40-day circuit hiking routes which are accessible by public transportation.

Life gardens: some 34 public and private gardens with various themes form a network open to visitors. The glass manufactory and the edible landscape – herbs, wild and cultivated berries and old varieties of vegetables – additionally mark the route.

Museums and collections: 28 museums and collections, public and private, associate cultural and natural pleasure.

Health: a spa with warm, naturally carbonated water with high mineral content and a 25-hectare park has been around for 170 years.

Culinary voyages of discovery: tours to the glass manufactories are given along the volcano by ambassadors of the region. They are occasions for promoting local products, shopping at specialist wine and food shops and direct marketing outlets.

Culinary festivals: special festivals combine the three focus areas – cuisine, handicrafts and life force – on a high level. Masters in the various fields join together in a holistic pursuit of identity, authenticity and regional character.

Creative seminars: summer academies for visual arts, sculpture and ceramics are organised in Kapfenstein, the Vulkanland painters’ forum. Inspiration from the landscape offers young artists ways to learn new skills and techniques from masters both from the region and further afield.

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