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Biosphere Park Grosses Walsertal (Austria)

 What makes the Grosse Walsertal Biosphere Park special?

Biosphere Park Grosses Walsertal     An array of activities that range from guided garden tours to cooking classes makes for a memorable park experience. The region boasts some of the most exotic flowers and herbs in the country and one can experience first-hand how the women in the area have, for centuries, created some of the finest Alchemilla products, such as oils and soaps.

In 2004, a new community centre opened that set the course for modern, ecological and energy efficient architecture. Using wood and other natural materials from its own backyard, the ever-expanding centre replicates the minds of the locals, who envision a beautiful and natural environment.

Centuries of farming and producing some of the finest dairy products in Europe have made this region fundamental to Austria. Innovative farming and building methods and a real concern for the environment make the region a leading example worldwide.

For over 1000 years man has worked and inhabited the land in the rich valleys of the park. In 2007, the Grosse Walsertal won an energy award for their development of two biomass heating plants that saved nearly 280,000 litres of heating oil in one year.

Modern life and a proud history continue to shape this region's developing future.

What to look for in:

  • Spring: The spring thaw gives way to wonderful waterfalls
  • Summer: Herbal aromas fill the mountain air
  • Fall: The sound of music echoes through the valley
  • Winter: Knee-deep powder snow with spectacular mountain landscapes

Highlights of the Grosse Walsertal Biosphere Park:

  • Rising 2,500 metres high through the brisk alpine air
  • Gourmet cheeses and other tasty delights
  • Exotic oils and fragrances that excite the senses
  • Peace of mind while consuming fair trade products
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